It’s Daejeon!

So, Daejeon has this really well-articulated logo and it looks a little something like this.


Yep! That is about how I have felt my first few weeks here. There is too much going on to simply say, “it’s been amazing!” or “it has been terrible.” At times it has been both. But I love it, and learn new things everyday.

I think the common denominator in my first few weeks here has been saying yes. Eh, maybe more like accepting things, because they are happening. Like ordering food at a restaurant. Or being gracious about hospitality without really knowing what is on the agenda. I am slowly learning to be patient and accept these uncertainties.

I think that will help me in my site placement, where we have to get creative about how to communicate.


Me, clearly struggling.


Me, clearly having fun.

That’s it folks! I promise to post more insightful thoughts later. Until then, XOXO.